VIP Ignite: How Do I Get Acting Jobs Without Experience and Without an Agent?

August 13, 2020 VIP IGNITE LIVE Season 5 Episode 1
VIP Ignite: How Do I Get Acting Jobs Without Experience and Without an Agent?
Show Notes

On this episode of the VIP Ignite Live podcast, we will be answering the question, "How do I get acting jobs without experience and without an agent?"

Can actors get work without representation? When I meet young actors at the start of their careers, or actors of any age who are not represented by an agent and/or manager, they ask me this question. I passionately believe that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Working with VIP IGNITE, I continually encounter talented actors who do not have representation for one reason or another. Perhaps the actor is a recent graduate; perhaps the actor has just left his agent; perhaps the actor has not worked in a while, and his agency has dropped him.

I do not assume that an actor is somehow less than if he is not represented. In fact, I know from experience that there are innumerable terrific actors who are getting their own work. 

It may not be easy—the getting of any work is never easy—but it certainly is within an actor’s grasp. Talent is talent, and casting directors will somehow find actors who are special—even if they are unrepresented.

Here are some ways you can further your career, even if you don’t have an agent or manager championing your talent

Create your own work wherever possible. Find like-minded artistic collaborators and put on a play; create a short film; do a web series. Many actors of whom I am a passionate believer go this route, and I admire them for it. Actors, you will gain the attention of casting directors and other industry professionals if you put together well-crafted, intelligent work. It need not be costly or have tremendous production values. It just needs to be compelling.

Contact student filmmakers and student theater directors and let them know you are available and eager to work with excellent collaborators. There are highly accomplished student films being made—some of which go on to win Student Awards.

Reach out to casting directors, directors, and producers whose work you admire. I cannot emphasize enough how a thoughtful, personalized note to those whose work moves you will make an impression. 

You must be impeccable in your crafting of this kind of note, but if it is sincere, it will make an impact. 

You may not hear back from everyone, but you will hear back from some of the people you contact. This is a business of relationships. 

You do not want to deluge people or hound them, of course, but if you are talented, and truly prepared and hardworking, asking for an audition or a meeting can yield rewards. 

If you are in a play or have other performance work to show, invite industry colleagues to see your work—especially when you are truly proud of it.

Actors know that the enormous changes in the entertainment business over the past months have affected each of us. 

No one can sit back and rely on others to get them work. We all must create our own opportunities, our own luck. Strengthen your craft as much as you can, and then find ways to showcase your talent. 

Do monologues and scenes; create a brief reel for yourself. Brainstorm with other actors, writers, directors, and producers. 

Educate yourselves about the material, venues, and opportunities. Become your own best representative. 

No one will take your career as seriously as you will, so use your intelligence and passion to show yourself off to your best advantage.

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